The National Association for the Education of Young Children is the nation’s largest and most influential organization of early childhood educators and others dedicated to improving the quality of programs for children from birth through third grade. Membership is open to all who share a desire to serve and act on behalf of the needs and rights of young children.

To join DuPage AEYC please click this link and follow directions. We are affiliate group #167.

For Information about membership,contact: Membership Chair

When you become a member of DuPage AEYC, you join a network of state, regional, and local affiliates as well as NAEYC. When you become a member of DuPageAEYC/NAEYC you can take advantage of numerous benefits, including:

  • A one year subscription to one of two professional journals. These are bi-monthly publications for all people in the child care profession.
  • A Members Only area on NAEYC’s website
  • Discounted registration for NAEYC and DuPageAEYC conferences and programs.
  • In addition, Comprehensive Members receive five or six professional books a year immediately after their release by NAEYC.
  • To join DuPage AEYC, click on our affiliate #167 if you join online or send your registration to: NAEYC PO Box 97156, Washington, DC  20090-7156 .
  • You can join DuPage AEYC for a cost of:$64.00 regular, $108.00 Comprehensive or student for $38.00 per year. For student, please include the name of your university or college.
  • Dupage AEYC is interested in what YOU have to think. Could you please take a moment and take our DuPageAEYC Survey?

Thank You.